Friday, June 12, 2015

Down On Bended Knee?

And ladies, why is it so wrong or hard to believe that a woman can get on one knee just as well as a man can? What is seriously wrong with that? And again I don't attack people. That's not me. I observe people. And from what I've been observing it has more to do with either a pride issue or what they've been taught and tradition which can be very sexist. A woman came at me with pride & this was my response. 

"So when he got on one knee, did that mean that he was desperate? Like I said I don't come from the sexist to just no ways that people are taught. I'm very free spirited and open-minded and equal. And I don't get how a man can do it and it's okay and if a woman does it there's something wrong. That is a very sexist way of viewing things. How can women fight for equality,  yet aren't willing to do things as equal? Since when were there rules & roles when it comes to love? Again I am not attacking you. That is not my style. I like to ask questions and gain understanding of why people think the way they do, and how much of it has to do with what they were actually taught"

I've spoken to a number of people about this, especially the ladies and I've asked what is wrong with a woman getting on one knee? So far the majority of the responses that I have received have more to do with pride and traditions then love, being humble & forthright. 

Whatever floats people's boat to help them I guess be more comfortable in finding a sense of self, I don't knock it. I'm more question everything and I Love to learn other perceptions in perspective. I like to understand everything around me. I don't believe in judging people because all I would be doing is judging myself.

Like I said all perceptions and perspectives are welcomed. I do not judge anyone I simply observe and learn.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ignorance VS Awakening

Ignorance is only bliss to those who are unaware. Because it's all that they know so therefore it's what they are comfortable with. It is the very vibration that they are used to living on and creating from. Once you become awakened & aware, from that point on it becomes much harder to live on that vibration because now you know better. The whole point is to vibrate higher and get back into him with who you truly are.But to those who are already blindly following everything that is taught to them based on a Nother person's level of ignorance as well and just running with it, and carrying the vibration of ignorance, they create an illusion of a safe zone because for them, The human vibration of Ego and feeling like you have to know it all and always be right is more comfortable then questioning everything around you and expanding your knowledge beyond what's around you, and challenging yourself to grow within... because it's all they know. And they want to stick to what they know because again they want to feel like they know it all. They have more of a desire to be right than the desire to expand their mind and truly see beyond the physical vibrations.
It's like fear of the unknown. Especially for those who follow religion. Humans find it so much easier to just follow what someone says just because it sounds right or moral according to other people and society rather than actually challenging yourself and everything around you and actually trusting your inner self and growing your intuition and your instincts. Making your inner self much stronger rather than blindly following inaccuracy. 

trusting your inner energy which has been here for billions of years versus completely losing yourself in a made up history that has only been here for a few thousands of years. It's also like taking away from yourself because you are believing in a very short history rather than realizing how infinite we all truly are. 

And for most people this bothers them because of two things.. Fear of the unknown and ignorance is bliss. But if they would just open their eyes and take a look at that, the two main things in that sentence is fear and ignorance. 

We may all seek answers but so very few of us are actually willing to step outside of the physical allusion because we know that there is more to this than the physical allusion itself. Before the vast majority he, they have become so comfortable in the illusion that another human vibration can teach them about themselves, that they lose themselves and a sense of their own vibration and inner self and intuition and conform into this robotic lifestyle where everyone becomes the same. There's an illusion of diverse city but it's actually conformity. Everyone has to follow a set of rules. But what about your inner self?
When does your inner self actually get to flow and it's very own vibration that you've always had before you came to this lifetime again? And let me ask you this, or even ask yourself! Why conform? 
Why not ask questions and think for yourself? People like to preach about challenges and how there's no gain without pain and how challenges make you or break you, about growth. Will growth itself is challenging. You're taking yourself out of your old dimensions and expanding to new dimensions. Sounds nice right? Well how can you ever expect to do that if all you do is run with what someone else says or what up book says? What happened to the logical sense that books are edited overtime for other people's advantages? What about actually analyzing the stories in this book that all contradict themselves? And yes I've studied the book for long time. My mother used to walk into my room and see me study this book every day. She probably thought I was just reading it when I was actually studying it. A lot of the stories in there contradict themselves. And I know people like to think that that whole book talks about worshiping Jesus, when actually half of those stories do not worship him they worship something totally different.
BTW, J wasn't invented until after the 1500s. So John Jacob Jesus and all these characters, that is not the real name let alone the stories behind them.

So where is your sense of questioning anymore? I'm not telling you what to believe or what to think. I'm not your local pastor I'm not any of these people. Just think. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Live Your Truth

One thing about me, I will never comfort you would lies Nor will I  comfort your level of depth. I'm not going to tell you what you want to hear or reassure what other people believe in or want to hear or think they want to hear just so they don't feel challenged to expand their mind. I don't even pity myself when I go through things. I switch my vibration and I find a solution. I personally don't even like pats on the back when I go through things because I don't like pity. if life was all about conforming to other people's comforts, I would've never wasted my time coming to this planet again. But no matter how much the vibrations that are on this planet have tried to make the truth seem upside down, I know the truth, I know my truth and I live in it.

Like #JheneAiko said: if everything is dipped in gold, then baby it will never grow. And everything that's sweet ain't  sugarcoated.

For any growth to happen you have to expand your mind, be open to new perspectives, raise your vibrations and most importantly understand that you really are worth believing in yourself. Why wouldn't you want to see yourself grow, why wouldn't you want to challenge yourself, push yourself to the limit, all you're going to see is that there are no limits. And sometimes I think that's what people honestly really fear.

People fear what they are truly capable of. Not only that here's another perspective. People fear that because they know they are capable of so much more, they fear the disappointment and what they are going through now or what they are putting up with now. Fear itself is an allusion. It's not really in essence it's just a big excuse and life that people live by them so that they don't soar to new heights or expand their mind for fear of failure. 
Well first of all there's no such thing as failure. Through trial and error is how one is able to go from level one of thinking to level 50 of thinking. There's levels to this. Without trial and error there's no growth. If something seems too nice or too easy then where is the growth?
And for those facing cycles or patterns, it's because you're putting out the same vibration that you did when that pattern started. So patterns will keep repeating itself through different forms and different circumstances in your life until you learn how to switch your vibration so you can switch the results that your seeing.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Self Awareness- Thoughts

Part of self-awareness is being able to also choose your thoughts wisely. All of your thoughts that you pay attention to send out a vibration to the universe for them to respond to you and keep forming your path in that way that you feel about that thought that you were giving attention to. So even if you're feeling down or you're  having a bad day or you don't like how a situation is playing out in your life, switch the vibrations that you have towards it. 
What can also help is to remember that all thoughts have their own results. So if you examine the thought first before actually feeling it you can also be able to examine the result. And from there you can decide whether or not this is the right energy to give feeling to, to create a vibration to be responded to. so if there is a response that you don't like or is bringing your vibrations down, clearly you can switch it. Think of things that you would actually enjoy and like to see in your life, then indulge in that vibration and feel good about it as if it's already happened, because truly you already have it within, it's just you been vibrating on the lower frequency. When you're vibrating on the lower frequency you're not quite going to manifest everything that you know that you have within that is truly for you.
Switch your thoughts. Feel good. Give attention and energy to vibrations that make you feel great. Stay aware of your thoughts and of yourself.for you are the very creator of all that you see. 

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Love Is Not The Blame

Fuck Love? Hmmm......
When people say this, I feel like they're still playing the blame game.

Like how do you blame love for what you allowed to manifest? Like you choose what you give your attention to. When you give your attention to another energy outside of you, including your thoughts, you give it feeling. What you feel within is what you manifest.

You choose what to allow in your life.
Good, bad, great.. all energies.
For any of these, and the results that come with, to manifest into your physical reality,
YOU FIRST have to give it attention and feeling (emotions=energy in motion)
You first, choose the direction where the motion of your energy goes.

Am I saying hurt is impossible? No
Ive been hurt a lot.
Still I continue to choose Self Awareness. What I continue to give attention to is what I allow to happen from this moment forward.

Love is not the blame.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Reflection of Love

Own it. Don't judge yourself within. Embrace who you are. When you judge yourself, you feel like others are judging you. Because that's actually YOU feeling that way about yourself. Everything in your reality is a reflection of you. So when you worry, judge, fear, doubt, that's all coming from within you and how you see yourself. 
  This is one of many great reasons to love yourself. When you LOVE yourself & there's LOVE within, you reflect that instead. LOVE has no fear, doubts, judgment & so on. You create a reality & perspective that also eliminates those negative vibrations. Your reality becomes more positive. Higher vibrations. LOVE.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

You Are awesome. Realize That!

I honestly want to confess this. I will use anything and everything to attract you to me on all levels to draw you in to send out a message to you that you should embrace your soul and all that it comes with. Love yourself. You'll always be on a vibration of love. make it your frequency.
Love who you are, ow who you are, your inner self is infinite, loving and wonderful. enjoy your own company.

Listen Im sharing my soul with you. Thats why theres no shame in what I do, what makes me happy and who I am. Im literally showing you all, my energy at its purest.  This is me. In full form. I love  and embrace who I am and am well aware of why Im here. Is there more to be revealed?? of course. I embrace the Youniverse and the process. I learn from all those around me and al well aware of all thats happening around me and the physical realm. Im still here telling you this is me. This is who I am.
Embrace who you are. You are infinite powerful energy traveling in a human body in this lifetime. The Universe got you back. Know that all will work out in you favor at all times. You are wonderful and being yourself will only cause gain, even if its a loss in the physical realm. Lose all that isn't meant for you. its not loss.

Let me ask you something.. when you toss out trash from your home? do you consider it a loss? No. Same with people and energy. you have nothing to lose. All that leaves you, either you caused it or it wasn't meant for you. Either way it wasn't meant to stay. Examine the energy and feelings you are putting out. Make sure they will work in you favor. If its "I can't, I won't, Ill try" The Youniverse interprets it as "we will give you what you can't don't and want and keep giving you thing to TRY"

Change your thinking. "I can I will" "I am" are super powerful. "I am powerful, I am successful, wealthy, healthy, successful, clear, wise, etc" are all crucial to what makes your reality. Start feeling this and create a reality that works for you!

All substance that you obtain within (food, drinks, things around you, etc) all have energy. Tune in to them and speak to them. Welcome them. Tell them they're there to work for you. Tell them what you want and send them to create it.
(They didn't call me a with in the past life, and alien, angel, gift etc in this life for no reason! I know what Im doing!)

Believe that in the energy realm its being created. Its done. Relax. Do things you like. Keep your vibrations up. Vibrate higher.

Love yourself, be yourself. Don't judge yourself.

With love and light
Alyssa Gadson