Saturday, April 16, 2016

You Are Born As Love. Will They Ever Stop Teaching Hate?


You aren't born with hate, or even any sort of judgment on anything. These traits and perception are taught by those around you as you grow. Whether it be your parents, teachers, elders, friends, religious leaders and so on.

For those around kids or Have kids:
It's so important to not teach them these things. Whether it be your own faith/religion, or simple everyday life occurrences. Telling your kids anything like not liking another person for whatever reason, whether it be race, another religion, different lifestyles or to stay away from them because you find it different or unacceptable or you don't believe in what they do and so forth, is unreasonable and its limiting the child from feeling like they can be curious and expand their minds and experience these things or people for themselves.

There's already a preconceived belief about that lifestyle or person. So they already feel a sense of "division" early on, before they themselves can even understand what that is and why.

In order to create once again a generation of more love, peace, unity, positivity, respect, and true unconditional love & see that change, one must first observe themselves & what we are consciously and unconsciously 'teaching' them. 

It's ok to believe what you want to believe. But they are their own person. Let them explore for themselves. They may even find out more or even something you may not know and that help change your perspective and even your life. 

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Starting with the man in the mirror

One of the things I learned about relationships is that everything takes too. Everything that happens in that relationship was based on the energy that both of you are bringing to it. Not just one person. So if the relationship and it wasn't just because of the person that you're with. You , yourself are included in that relationship as well. So if it ends, no matter how, it took the BOTH of you. You get what you give. What do you understand what you were giving or not. And this is why I say it is so homeport and so crucial to first understand yourself before you get with someone else. It's OK to have relationships are going dates or have a love life. But the understanding of yourself makes all the difference in what you create in that life. Or anything else for that matter.

it is so important to have the courage to look in the mirror and see what you did wrong as well. You must learn to understand yourself. Both good and bad. This is part of, and a huge part of, how do you get out of your own way in creating the life that is truly for you.

Being bitter about it and attacking others, for one it will never get you anywhere and two it's still doesn't solve your problem. You are ignoring the real issue, which has more to do with you, by hiding behind bitterness and blaming other people. As if you do not want to believe you are at fault, whether you truly understand how you are or not.

If something doesn't quite go your way in life, or even if it does, understand all of that is you creating it. How you feel and what you believe is a huge part in how you see reality in the world. Which means it is a huge part in how you create it. It does not rely on whether or not you understand it. It is you that Must seek understanding of yourself in order to understand the big picture

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For Better or For Worse

Pain is part of the journey. The moment you understand it, you'll see beyond it. You'll always see the lesson and not get blinded by the pain itself. 

The path itself is a ying yang. It's not all bad. The balance of both synchronizes with the light & dark within. 

Everything has an opposite that balances the overall "big picture " of what it truly is as a whole.

Good - bad
Positive - negative
Constructive - destructive.

Once we Understand ourselves, our good and bad, we will understand how everything works. 

Everyone wants to be seen as all good, even by their own eyes. At no fault. Just a good soul. Loved & respected. Accepted.
Accepting yourself as a whole is crucial to even building a life that's truly for you. You need your bad as well as the good. You see, you are a ying yang. If you take away half of the whole, you take away half your truth. 

Live by your truth and everything has no choice but to follow. 😁🙏🏼🔮

Monday, February 29, 2016

You're more than what they did to you.

"Til it happens to you, you won't know how I feel" @ladygaga 

I'm a survivor and have also made peace within with my past & all the sexual assaults, rapes and abuse.

To those who have been through it/are going through it, I just want to say I know how you feel, yes it's tough to say the least. Yes there will be effects from it. I'm still facing effects from it within myself. 

But here's the thing. Yes you can get passed this. Absolutely. You can heal and move on and have a better life. A life that is still truly your own. You are not subjected to be victimized for the rest of your life. Drop that mentality & grab ahold of yourself. 

You can move on.
You can feel SAFE again.
You can love again.
You can be yourself & confident.
Take that experience and, instead of making it your enemy, picture it as another huge equipment in your gym of life. It is just there to make you stronger or just realize it for yourself how strong you truly are.

You are not what they said you are. You are what YOU say you are. You're a beautiful soul. You're powerful. You're confident. You're strong. You are you

Friday, February 26, 2016


I've been asked so many times about my past and how did I get through. I'll admit that, to reply individually to them all is a lot. I definitely would still love to answer this, as this is also a question I've asked myself a million times in my head. 

For a long time, I wasn't at peace with my past and how it happened and let alone the millions and millions of questions I asked myself why did it happen? What was the purpose? Why so much pain and why so much trauma and many scars?

And in certain experiences why did it have to go to that extreme?

I was very disturbed about it, I was very consumed with it, and I didn't want to face the pain. And those few times that I would lash out about it I hurt some of the closest people to me. Although the lashing out was never towards them in the first place. It was me being mad at myself for being out of touch with myself due to trauma and painful experiences.

I got my first real bit of peace about three years ago when I went to Missouri and I ventured out on my own throughout the United States with no family and no friends from home. No one that had anything to do with my past. I learned fully how to be alone and got to know myself on A much deeper level. There was a lot of crying, a lot of pain I was facing as well as a lot of peace I was gaining because of it. I gained a lot of confidence in myself, and it was only the beginning of truly realizing in this life once again who I really a.m.

After taking a lot of time to myself especially these past few years, a lot of major connection with myself and growth has happened. I have realize more and more, and have come a lot more in touch with who I really am and why I am that way, and what purpose it could serve. I would also ask myself how does add up to the bigger picture & how does it lead there.

I will tell you right now, no year was the same! At all! So many different experiences, so many different locations, so many different people. Many good times as well as many times where I have fallen on my face and have had to start over.

As of lately I have intensified how deep I am working on myself. And with that effort and facing a lot of the things that I used to just slide under the rug, I have grown much more, although I am still excited that it doesn't stop there. There is much more growth ahead and I am very excited about it.

For those who took part in a painful or traumatizing experience in my life and they were involved, I am at peace with them finally. It doesn't make sense to see things from a victim point of view. Every experience is exactly the way it was supposed to be and each experience holds a strength for you to gain from it as well as wisdom to be recognized and held dearly. Without all these things that have happened in my life, I cannot say I would be who I am right now. 

And I really like who I am and I really really really like where I am headed. Yes of course there will still be days where things will happen. It's all part of the journey and I am at peace with that. But I don't look at it any longer as "oh man what now? Or if I give my all and it fails...." All of those things are fear and anxiety. To live life that way is to not live at all. I look forward to all the experiences that are supposed to happen in order for me to grow. Everything has a lesson in it, everything. Everything around you, everyone around you, everywhere you go, everyone that crosses your path, even when you're alone in solitude, there's always a lesson and something to be learned in every single moment. And that is the beauty of the journey and that is the beauty of being at peace with your past instead of looking at it as something that's against you.

Your past is never against you. It doesn't matter what you've been through. It can be as small as your tire going flat that day, to your cell phone being taken away by a parent for something you did, to getting fired, to having a divorce, to abandonment, homelessness, sexual abuse or any abuse, neglect, self harm, suicidal thoughts, anything you name it.

Don't look at your past as something that's against you. Your past is part of you. Like the Ying Yang, your past and all those in it are all lessons. The harder the lesson the greater/deeper the knowledge & wisdom & understanding.

And like I said, your path, your journey is a spiral direction not a straight line. Because you will always come back to the same experience. Even though you may have learned something from the last time you've been through it, there is always a deeper truth about yourself. And that to me is one of the most exciting things to always learn.

And that's one of the reasons why I overall embrace the journey. It's never truly against you. It's all there to help you as long as you help yourself.

Added Note: really nothing in life is against you. It's all about your mindset. You create your own good and bad, so if you see something as a bad thing and fear it, it will become that. That goes with anything. From experiences to the things you believe in. It is only as good or bad as you make it. Things only go against you if you created to be that way in your mind. If you go against it. Instead look at everything as a way to learn something new. And nothing will be against you. You will be open to it all and you will learn a lot more about life, the bigger picture, and most importantly yourself.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Seek The Wearer, Not The Cloak.

You are not your body. You are The Infinite Energy/ Spirit traveling within the body. 
Anything here in the physical can be used as such. Light condensed becomes matter. So literally, everything is light & energy. (#quantumphysics )

So anything here in the physical is not what is truly being seeked. It is merely the energy within it. You only seek yourself. "As above so below. As within so without"

You are the energy & light condensed as matter. You literally create all that you see.

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Think For Yourself

A different way of saying "don't have the same year 75 times and called it a life". People have it upside down nowadays. They exalt an illusion and abase the truth. I know most of you, even me, have been asked this question in various forms.. "Are you gonna change?" Or "You've changed. Thought you'd stay the same." Or have some kind of relative statement to this but in a negative way. Well most of the time. But I have to ask, for those who say these kinds of things or believe these kinds of things, are you really thinking it through and think that change is negative? 
If that's you... You are probably either too comfortable in what we would call the safe zone. Which means you like for everything to stay the same because it's what you used to or you fear the unknown of what could happen.

are you going along with what most have been programmed to think about change? of it having to be negative? Just because that's what most people have been taught to believe?

If that's you... So because everyone says it, it's supposed to be truth? And if 1 million people are jumping off of the building are you going to go do it too just because they are doing it? Or can you actually have thoughts that are completely of your own regardless of any influence?